The top 10 countries leading in incorporating environmental education in their curriculum are:

1. Finland: Finland is renowned for its comprehensive environmental education curriculum, which focuses on sustainability, nature study, and hands-on learning experiences.

2. Sweden: Sweden emphasizes environmental education through its cross-curricular approach, connecting subjects like science, geography, and citizenship to sustainability and ecological awareness.

3. Norway: Norway integrates environmental education throughout its curriculum, promoting a deep understanding of ecological systems, climate change, and sustainable development.

4. Canada: Canada places a strong emphasis on environmental education, incorporating it across various subjects and encouraging students to understand and address environmental challenges.

5. Australia: Australia integrates environmental education into its national curriculum, fostering ecological understanding, sustainable practices, and engagement in environmental stewardship.

6. New Zealand: New Zealand prioritizes environmental education, emphasizing ecological literacy, environmental awareness, and sustainable practices through its curriculum.

7. Netherlands: The Netherlands incorporates environmental education into its curriculum, focusing on sustainable development, environmental issues, and stewardship of natural resources.

8. Germany: Germany places a significant emphasis on environmental education, with its curriculum promoting sustainability, renewable energy, ecological concepts, and environmental activism.

9. Denmark: Denmark integrates environmental education into its curriculum, fostering a sustainable mindset, environmental responsibility, and the development of green skills.

10. United States: Although progress may vary across states, the United States has been actively incorporating environmental education into its curriculum, aiming to instill ecological knowledge, environmental stewardship, and sustainable practices among students.

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