What are the top 10 educational technologies or apps currently being used in classrooms?

1. Google Classroom: This platform allows teachers to create and manage online classrooms, distribute assignments, and provide feedback to students.
2. Kahoot!: An interactive quiz-based platform that engages students through fun and competitive learning games.
3. Nearpod: A tool that allows teachers to create and deliver engaging multimedia lessons, quizzes, and interactive activities to students.
4. Flipgrid: This video discussion platform enables students to record and share short videos to facilitate online discussions and collaborative learning.
5. Seesaw: A digital portfolio tool that allows students to document and showcase their work, and provides an easy way for parents to stay engaged in their child’s education.
6. Quizlet: A study tool that offers flashcards, quizzes, and study games to help students learn and review content across various subjects.
7. Edmodo: An educational social media platform that connects teachers, students, and parents, facilitating communication, collaboration, and resource sharing.
8. Duolingo: A gamified language-learning app that offers personalized lessons in over 30 languages.
9. Minecraft: A popular video game that has educational versions and applications, allowing students to engage in immersive, creative, and collaborative learning experiences.
10. Khan Academy: A comprehensive online learning platform that offers video lessons, practice exercises, and assessments across a wide range of subjects, from math and science to humanities and test preparations.

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