What are the top 10 measures schools worldwide are taking for post-pandemic reopening?

1. Implementing social distancing measures: Schools are rearranging classroom layouts, reducing class sizes, and ensuring students maintain a safe distance from one another to minimize the risk of transmission.

2. Enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols: Schools are increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, desks, and chairs.

3. Mandatory wearing of face masks: Many schools require students and staff to wear face masks or coverings, both inside classrooms and common areas, to prevent the spread of the virus.

4. Temperature checks and health screenings: Schools may conduct daily temperature checks and health screenings to identify individuals with symptoms or potential exposure to COVID-19.

5. Hybrid learning models: Some schools are implementing a combination of in-person and remote learning to reduce the number of students in the building at any given time.

6. Staggered schedules: Schools may opt for staggered schedules to limit the number of students in school buildings at a given time and reduce contact between students.

7. Improved ventilation: Schools are encouraged to improve ventilation systems to enhance air circulation and reduce the risk of airborne transmission.

8. Hand hygiene promotion: Schools are promoting frequent handwashing or providing hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility to encourage proper hand hygiene.

9. Enhanced communication and training: Schools are providing clear instructions and guidelines to students, parents, and staff regarding new protocols and safety measures. Training sessions on hygiene practices and COVID-19 prevention may also be provided.

10. Remote learning options: Schools are developing robust remote learning plans to ensure continuity of education in case of localized outbreaks or if students need to self-isolate.

It’s important to note that the specific measures can vary depending on local guidelines, the severity of the pandemic in the area, and the school’s resources and capabilities.

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