What are the top 10 most impactful student-led initiatives globally in the past year?

Determining the top 10 most impactful student-led initiatives globally in the past year can vary based on individual perspectives and the specific criteria used. However, here are 10 notable examples of impactful student-led initiatives from around the world:

1. March for Our Lives:
A movement started by students in the United States advocating for stricter gun control laws and an end to gun violence after a deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

2. Fridays for Future:
Inspired by Greta Thunberg, students worldwide organized school strikes demanding action on climate change and urging governments to prioritize environmental sustainability.

3. Black Lives Matter protests:
Student-led initiatives played a significant role in the global Black Lives Matter movement, advocating for racial justice and systemic reforms against police brutality.

4. #EndSARS movement:
Nigerian students took a leading role in the protests against police brutality and the call to disband the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Nigeria.

5. Hong Kong protests:
Student activists played a crucial part in the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, demanding autonomy and democratic reforms while advocating for human rights.

6. The Indigenous-led protests in Canada:
Indigenous students have led demonstrations against racial injustice, implementation of pipelines on native land, and demanding recognition of Indigenous rights.

7. Student activism against sexual assault:
Student-led initiatives aimed at raising awareness about sexual assault, advocating for survivor support, and pushing for institutional changes on campuses worldwide.

8. Global Women’s Marches:
Students and young activists participated in the annual Women’s Marches held worldwide, advocating for gender equality, reproductive rights, and an end to gender-based violence.

9. Mental health initiatives:
Many student-led mental health initiatives emerged in response to the increasing mental health challenges faced by students, focusing on support networks, awareness campaigns, and destigmatization efforts.

10. COVID-19 relief efforts:
During the pandemic, student-led initiatives formed to provide support to vulnerable communities, such as delivering groceries, organizing online tutoring resources, and creating mental health hotlines.

These examples represent a range of impactful student-led initiatives in various regions, highlighting the power of student activism and their contributions to shaping social, political, and environmental conversations.

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